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Individual spiritual exploration is a reflection of the creativity of your time.



These are challenging times we live in, but challenge can bring new approaches.  The Orion experience offers another voice with creative concepts and exceptional tools of awareness to let you look at life anew.

The Orion energy has a very special ability to articulate in neutral language the issues we find challenging to deal with, be they personal or global.  Everything shared emerges from their core perspective of the All - the interconnection of all things. In this, they offer support to our own capacity to comprehend the fullness of the situations we explore in our life's journey.  Orion always shares as an interaction and exchange of equal value between all beings and realms of awareness.


We understand Orion to be an expression of the intelligent consciousness we are all aspects of. Consider that we are more than our physical bodies, and thus can perceive and know more than the readily available physical world. Consider that we exist in a flow of intelligent consciousness that we can connect with and express. Consider a process whereby a person allows the opening of inner pathways or channels to receive such an expression.  This is the Orion experience.

Such a channeling process does indeed intrigue, but more importantly, Orion has consistently presented a non-dogmatic, inspiring view of reality, with dynamically useful and applicable information oriented toward evoking your own recognition and resonance with expanded Awareness.



We invite you to consider our perspective.

You are not asked to believe, ​but to consider. ​

Your innate wisdom

will guide you

to accept only that

to which

you are aligned.

Allow yourself the gift

of exploration.'


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'We are all

We are all linked.
     We are all inherently part

of All There Is. 

Therein lies our

strength, wisdom,

and compassion.

Unity is.'



The content of this website is for educational

purposes and expresses a personal spiritual perspective.

This is an informational site

We do not collect data

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