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Orion On Empath Energy

During a series of workshops and classes, Orion explored what they termed 'empath energy' - an innate capacity to connect to and experience the emotional and physical energy of others. Since that time Empath and empathy have become recognized in the cultural vernacular.

​The Empath - those who have at the core of their nature the innate ability to receive energy, information, and awareness from others. If you recognize this within yourself, it is also time for you to become conscious of this attribute. The difference between an Empath and a Channel is that the channel most often is aware that they are receptive, that energy flows through "channels", and usually the channel recognizes a distinction between the channel and the energy being channeled or received.


The Empath does not receive through channels in the same way. Rather, the Empath expands their own nature like a sponge; fills its own nature with what is received. The Empath essentially absorbs into itself all the fluid energy, all the contact, all the content of interaction with others. The difficulty, of course, is that there is then a confusion of what is in the original 'sponge' and that which is filling it. 'Do I feel this way within myself or have I absorbed this from another?' 


Orion On Mindful Relationships

Excerpted from a personal session, Orion explores conscious relationship.


In relationship the challenge is staying centered in yourself, putting your cards on the table and recognizing, setting and holding your boundaries. You are concerned with "Will I simply flow into the other?" Hold to your own truth, even when you aren't quite clear what it is; hold to the value of yourself. Say, "This is how I feel. This is how 1 think I feel but I'm not quite sure, etc. etc." You cannot go into the prospect of a deep, long-term commitment, "handling" things - deciding what can be said and what can't be said. Let go of trying to be what you think, what you sense the other person wants. Let go of thinking about what you both need to be is one and the other.

In a relationship, there will be actions and tastes and choices that require 'give-and-take'. But, these elements of compromise are not where we compromise our real selves and what we really feel. When you do compromise, own that you are compromising because of the relationship, staying anchored in "who we each are and what we each want."  



Orion On Working With The Immune System

Edited from a presentation at the Monroe Institute Professional Division


We invite you to explore with us another view, some new ideas on that wonderful element within you, the Immune System. Some see it as a mechanism in the body that works with energizing the system, with maintaining the system, perhaps with 'defending' the physical system against difficulty, stress, bacteria, assault and invasion to the body. 


We ask you to consider to think of this wonderful element as a guide, a guardian; the carer of the soul of the body. A guardian element so sensitive, so sympatico, so in connection with the All of you. Connected not only with your environment within and without the physical form, connected not only with your emotions and the sensitivity of your personality and self but this dear friend, the Immune System, is also connected to further than the physical self. Connected to what some may think of as the soul, what others may think of as the All of you. Encompassing, touching into, knowing all of the travels and expressions of yourself that may have been.


Orion On Making the Leap Into Mystery

From a personal session, making the leap to trust our own awareness

Each of you have brought yourself to a place where you have no choice but to give up. You've had to give up. You've had to deal with what is because it's been unrelenting, and you've had to finally just GIVE IT UP. 'I can't fix it, I can't do anything else. What is it? I don't see it, I don't understand it.' You've had to admit that all of the process things you knew of logical, psychological, and to a degree mystical still leave you not understanding. So now you have to step into not understanding. Know that understanding, too, can be a limitation. 'I don't understand. I will consider these things. I will work with accepting and acknowledging, and I will ask of myself of All That IS, - which I am starting to realize I might not really know to uncover, to show itself to me.'

You have come now to that place beyond psychological, logical and mental understanding. You're going to have to trust that what you've come to know Trust that the way you think about things; you let knowledge come to you. You have all reached where you have to trust your connection with Unity. Now is the time to live experiencing more than you consciously know. Acting as if you are part of All There Is, rather than only thinking it.

Orion on Managing Your Receptivity

Client:  At times I wake up seeing/feeling someone in my room, or lying down next to me. It's happened a few times in the past week. Once it felt as if something was coming toward me and I held my hands out to keep it away. Another time energy was coming towards me and the last time I felt it next to me when I was lying down. In your experience are those specific people's energies or is it just some kind of other concentrated energy? I wake up feeling very strange afterward, but can't tell how to address this.

The first thing is to not let your receptivity frighten you.  Instead, consider that you can simply energetically 'hear' and 'see' what others cannot.  You can pick up  energetic sounds others do not.  You are not alone in this.  And although such perception is not usual for many, such receptivity is in the realm of typical.  Knowing that, and holding that model,  you can then more easily open to  manage the experience. 

Receptive people are not required by the Cosmos to receive whatever comes to them.  You have the innate right to say, 'No.  No not now.' and so on,  at any time.  We stress this because we see that, unconsciously, many receptive people feel they must 'listen' and receive.  And not only do you have the 'right' to say No, you also have the responsibility to yourself to not be receptive on demand and to modulate and manage your receptivity.

All the Orion material is excerpted and edited from personal sessions or workshops with permission of the participants.

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Also available are two beautiful guided imagery files, recorded for my dear friend, Pat Serino when she was battling breast cancer.  I have used these recordings personally during  my own cancer treatment. A transcription of the text is in the September 2009 newsletter.