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Orion On Making The Leap Into Mystery

Each of you have brought yourself to a place where you have no choice but to give up. You've had to give up. You've had to deal with what is because it's been unrelenting, and you've had to finally just GIVE IT UP. 'I can't fix it, I can't do anything else. What is it? I don't see it, I don't understand it.' You've had to admit that all of the process things you knew of logical, psychological, and to a degree mystical still leave you not understanding. So now you have to step into not understanding. Know that understanding, too, can be a limitation. 'I don't understand. I will consider these things. I will work with accepting and acknowledging, and I will ask of myself of All That IS, - which I am starting to realize I might not really know to uncover, to show itself to me.'


You have come now to that place beyond psychological, logical and mental understanding. You're going to have to trust that what you've come to know Trust that the way you think about things; you let knowledge come to you. You have all reached where you have to trust your connection with Unity. Now is the time to live experiencing more than you consciously know. Acting as if you are part of All There Is, rather than only thinking it.


The Universe is asking you to leap into the unknown. Asking you to walk in mystery, which does not mean in unknowing, but mystery - letting shifts and changes come. Letting awareness, links, patterns reveal themselves. It is not mystery, per se, as in something to figure out or something hidden, but mystery as in discovering a new place.


You are now beyond your images of spirit and mystic. You are now engaging ways you're not quite sure of. You are discovering another dimension, another planet, another aspect. And you will watch it manifest in this reality because, of course, you are part of this reality. Put aside the concrete outer goals except the ones that present themselves to you. Trust that what needs to occur will present itself. Things that are concrete will become concrete and will simply be there. Understand that you begin to see the parts of it as they reveal themselves. In time, you will see the entire mural revealed.


You are the archaeologist. And life is a mosaic. You are uncovering it in bits and pieces, and in a flow of time you will see the whole. And as you uncover your inner understandings you will find periods of activity and application and creativity arise from them. Life will then lead you to the next cycle of uncovering, excavating and seeing the outcomes and actions that may flow from your next mural.


This is dancing with life. Following the beat and rhythms, the music which leads us. Listening to the music of the flow of living. 

The Orion material is excerpted and edited from personal sessions and workshops, with permission of the participants   © Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh

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