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The Personal Session

The Personal Consultation is an individual one-to-one session with Orion, a unique spiritual exploration focusing on the issues and needs in one's life. Your specific questions bring Orion's focus toward what is individually relevant and helpful.

People experience Orion's clarity, their positive perspective as deeply insightful and supportive.  Many have experienced an opening of awareness that can be transformative and have gained deep understanding through their personal sessions. Orion consistently points us toward insights and awareness that we have to yet to recognize, making them available for more conscious understanding.  Others discover working with Orion becomes part of their ongoing continuum of growth and deepening. Experiencing the energy of Orion personally is a unique, very special moment. 

The one-on-one Orion work requires an active approach toward self-awareness coupled with a willingness to be accountable for and responsible to one's own choices. The focus is on allowing the flow of the self, through conscious choice and engagement.  As we explore our issues, Orion points us toward further recognition of our inherent worth and value, supporting us in further developing our own sense of spiritual self-respect.  Orion shares their perspective and practical applications of their views for your discernment; ideas for you to discover and expand your own understanding of yourself. 
All sessions are by appointment only.  Average session is one hour with Orion, but please allow at least 90 minutes.

​Sessions are available by telephone and naturally, are private and confidential. Sessions are recorded and MP3 files of your session are included.  Most people find their session files a valuable tool of understanding to be experienced again and again.  Audio Skype, Zoom or Facetime is available for international callers.  

$135 per session     


Over the years, I have found the Orion support and input softens the rigid concepts and patterns that have felt constrictive, and opens me to fresh energy and consciousness that brings in new ways of being, and possibilities

I would never have thought of.

J.A., United Kingdom


'It was so very helpful

in re-listening to my session,  to hear myself.  

It made me recognize my energy in a way I couldn't do from inside my  own skin.  

Once I had a different perspective of where my energy was. I could really

hear what Orion

was saying to me."   

     T.R., Maryland



To Arrange a Session



'It's amazing how deeply moving 

and intensely helpful my

sessions  with Orion always are.' 

R.P.,  California

Email to explore setting up personal sessions.


Upon inquiry, detailed information about the sessions will be sent, including available session times, further contact information, etc. 


Once we have confirmed your session date,  a PayPal email invoice will be sent.  All major credit cards, debit cards and e-checks are accepted through the secure PayPal site. You are not required to have a Paypal account to use their services. ​





Sessions are for people 18 years of age or older

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