Dancers Between Realms - Empath Energy, Beyond Empathy

Dancers Between Realms is edited from the extensive Empath Energy material the Orion group has been sharing and exploring in workshops and personal sessions since the 1990's.  We see Empaths as those who have the core of their nature an innate ability to receive energy, information and awareness from others with a depth and intensity that is beyond our customary understanding of empathy. This book explores in depth the principles of such a receptivity, as well as tools, concepts and approaches to support your understanding of yourself and how to flourish with this heightened receptivity.


From the Back Cover:   'The Empath. The word has found its way into our consciousness – accompanied by ideas of healing, sharing emotion and pain. Sensitive, caring, responsive people. Yet, this very receptivity and permeability brings its own challenges. It is vital for empaths to recognize themselves as such and to consciously explore, understand and address this energetic flow in their life. Self-inquiry is the essential tool to understanding all that moves, motivates and colors your experience of the world. This book is an invitation to that inquiry; a shared journey with those who have been exploring empath energy in workshops and personal sessions for many years. Empath Energy. Beyond Empathy.'


Includes a glossary of all the tools and principles explored, with bolded quotes throughout for easy reference. Chapters cover Understanding Yourself As an Empath, Relating and In Relationship, Children and Childhood and more, including an opened-ended chapter of questions shared by workshop participants exploring their own Empath nature and the answers that emerged from these dialogues.

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This book helped me separate my energy from other people's and protect myself so that I didn't feel so vulnerable to other people's energy - while maintaining that open heart connection that is

so important to me.

I highly recommend this book for healers, teachers, nurturers, caregivers, and counselors -

anyone in a helping profession...

This is one of the most helpful books I've rea​d on sensitivity or empathy - a handy guide to anyone who feels like "the world is too much for them,"


The Orion Material - Perspectives of  Awareness ~ 20th anniversary edition

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An inspiring view of reality, with useful concepts and tools to enhance everyday life, The Orion Material captures in a thoughtful overview the principles shared in the Orion work. Elisabeth brings a sensitive editor's touch to years of transcribed source text, in addition to creating a glossary and sharing her story of coming to work with Orion. Stimulating material well-organized and stylized quotes make the book accessible to 'touching in' for insight and support.  

​The new edition includes a new introduction and a new Afterword on Continuing with Orion – 20 years with Orion, as well as the Glossary and Foreword from the 2nd edition.   The Orion Material is included as a resource in 'Channeling', a comprehensive study by John Kumo.  



The Orion Material is a gently stated exploration of spiritual and practical themes, which is notable for urging us to consider its teachings, rather than believe in them. 


​ There is a loving and beckoning quality to the text, which is mirrored in the artistic layout and cover art.'   

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