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The Orion Material Perspectives of Awareness - 20th Anniversary Edition







The era before us is a time of focus.  We see this as a time of structure; structure as a supportive foundation for working with new understanding; building upon applied knowledge.  We are well aware that many people experience ‘focus’ and ‘structure’ as words that seem confining or limiting.  We ask you to look at these words again; shift your perspective and consider structure anew.

A time to create a supportive foundation

for working with new understanding,

for building upon knowledge.

Focus does not mean you close your eyes and senses to all around you.  It does not mean limits.  Rather, it means you choose to discern where you will place your energies.  It reminds you that sometimes to sustain a certain path over time, to engage in a certain exploration, that path or exploration must have your attention.  It must have your focus.  The time of this focus may vary.  It may be a focus for a few months or years.  For others of you, your focus may engage you for the rest of your lives. 


So many of you see structure as a limitation thrust upon you by outside forces; as something the outside world or society places upon you, drawing you away from your own direction and desires.  Structure can be experienced like that, but think instead of structure as an armature.  Envision structure as a sturdy foundation.  When your foundation is well-built, in alignment and created with focus, it can support a great towering expanse of growth, of exploration and application – which brings ideas and ideals into actualized, concrete reality.



Consider a time of consistent application –

Living what you have explored and have come to understand



Take your spiritual explorations – your spiritual awareness and experiences, the connection you have felt with All There Is – and bring it to and weave it within your everyday world.  Consider a time of integration, when what you have studied and experienced in extraordinary moments becomes not only special moments within your life, but threads weaving throughout all of your life.



In integration, extraordinary moments of knowing

will be the master thread – weaving, linking and flowing

throughout the patterns of your life.



As you develop integration, that extraordinary connection you experienced on Mt. Shasta; when you were in the pyramids in Egypt; when you felt the merging with the crystal world at Mt. Ida – these extraordinary times of comprehension and understanding will no longer stand alone as simply shining moments of life experience.  They will flow throughout the all of your life.  When you find yourself at your job, with your friends or with your parents or children – in all of the situations that seem separate from what you think of as your spiritual or mystical path – know that they are not in any way separate.


 Know, again, that life is a great tapestry and that this is a time in which you are aware of being the weaver; of holding the needle and the thread.  Think of the single thread of your spiritual awareness as a golden thread moving through every aspect of your life.  See the thread outlining, supporting life and enhancing life, as the pattern you are weaving is guided by Unity.


 What you are asked to bring to these times is your consciousness, accountability, and responsibility to allow the awareness you have explored and the expansion you have experienced to touch all of the aspects of your life.  We remind you to see life holistically.  Do not create a polarity or walk in separation and perhaps, judgment, of those who explore the spiritual and those who do not.  Resist the path of ‘us and them’ that can become prevalent.  Remember, all are of the spiritual.  It is simply that you have chosen to consciously explore this aspect of being.  Embrace holism.  Hold dear the idea of life being interwoven with all aspects.  Hold strong the goal of the integration of the spiritual view with the mundane and know that you best teach that which you share by living your life as an example.

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We invite you to consider our perspective.

You are not asked to believe, but to consider.

Your innate wisdom will guide you to accept

only that to which you are aligned.

Allow yourself the gift of exploration


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