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About Elisabeth


Elisabeth  Fitzhugh has been sharing the Orion experience for over 35 years.

Long attracted to understanding the nature of things, Elisabeth came to her exploration of spiritual awareness through studies in psychology, anthropology and art. Experiences during the in-retreat Gateway Voyage program at the Robert Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia in 1982, led to her work with Orion and today she is in her third decade of sharing this unique perspective.

Elisabeth is a cognizant channel. She chooses this word specifically rather than 'conscious' channel because there is an experience of distance from the essential personality-self. Thus, the sensation of 'over-hearing' the sessions, rather than being discretely conscious of them.


This facility is an outgrowth of her initial channeling experience during a deep meditative state at The Monroe Institute in 1982, in which she received the question, 'You are a channel, are you willing to work as one?' At that time her only knowledge of channeling was Edgar Cayce, the well-known Sleeping Prophet and Jane Roberts of the Seth Material, both of whom received in an altered state akin to sleep and did not directly recall what was received. Elisabeth's deep inner response to the question was  'Yes, I am willing to work as a channel, but only if I am somehow present. I don't want to spend hours of my life in an altered, disconnected-from-this-life state.'

When the connection with the group we call Orion came fully present in 1984, they said her willingness to be present in the sessions was the final confirmation of alignment with them, supporting their interest in conscious interaction between realms of being.


Elisabeth always shares that this inner decision was the greatest gift to herself, as being cognizant of and immersed in all the Orion material and seeing all the variations of the theme, is like being in the 'Ultimate Graduate Course' - an ongoing, always fresh exploration of the vastness of reality.

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'Your inner sense is attuned to much more than you know ~ to the moon, the sun, ​the earth

to everything. 

If finds perfect times for you to do inner development work.'


Orion presents their work as an inter-active collaboration

Webs of interconnection_orionwisdom_wix.

Orion presents their work as an inter-active collaboration. They work with Elisabeth as part of the group - aspects of her life at times informs their attention and focus; participants' questions and comments bring still further elements of focus, and we can see new language and articulations emerge from these interactions.

Orion consistently invites us to join them in open-ended exploration. Individual sessions flow from the personal questions that arise from your deeper self. Group work - classes, Intensives and open lectures usually are without a specific theme, but rather, Orion allows the theme to arise synchronistically from the energy of those who have gathered.

As a member of the Professional Division of the Monroe Institute, Elisabeth contributed to the

Positive Immunity audio series. 

Elisabeth is also a clergy member of the Church of Spiritual Humanism.



'Orion' is a symbolic name we've given to represent this Intelligence. ​

The name echoes the myth of the goddess Artemis and the giant Orion and the human man who befriended and guided the blind Orion - representing friendship and exchange between realms of being.

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