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Orion On Empath Energy

The Empath - those who have at the core of their nature the innate ability to receive energy, information, awareness from others. If you recognize this within yourself, it is also time for you to become conscious of this attribute. The difference between an Empath and a Channel is that the channel most often is aware that they are receptive, that energy flows through "channels", and usually the channel recognizes a distinction between the channel and the energy being channeled or received.


The Empath does not receive through channels in the same way. Rather, the Empath expands their own nature like a sponge; fills its own nature with what is received. The Empath essentially absorbs into itself all the fluid energy, all the contact, all the content of interaction with others. The difficulty, of course, is that there is then a confusion of what is in the original 'sponge' and that which is filling it. 'Do I feel this way within myself or have I absorbed this from another?'


Further, the difficulty and challenge for the Empath, is that most Empaths are not aware of the intensity or fullness or their receptive nature until certain things happen that interfere with and often endanger the present self. Then they say things as, "I didn't feel like myself" or others say to them, "You're not acting like yourself", etc. Hints come into the conscious mind that something other than the self is interacting in their lives. Of course, there is a whole psychological way of looking at this, but we're going to put that aside and stay in the metaphysical and the spiritual view.


In societies of Empaths, which do not exist per se at this time, there are cultural morals and mores that develop around the Empathic nature that help balance life with such receptive energy. More importantly, in an Empathic society individuals are taught how to work with the energy; learning that received energy is then transmuted, changed, translated. The ability to change the energy, which is part-conscious, part-energetic, and can be initiated by conscious will and thought. This ability to recognize and change energy is often what is NOT understood by the Empaths in this reality.


In this culture, the abilities of the Empath often are reflected in how they deal with people psychologically and emotionally and often literally in their careers as well; people who can absorb and change energy. Empaths may serve as translators. In a job, you may take one set of information and make a translation for another group. You try to help those in two different situations find the same language, to come to an understanding. Empaths can change the energy; helping others to let go of one feeling and allowing in another - transmutation. They can step down energy that is too intense for someone else by finding another way of speaking, making a more subtle thing of it; giving the principle without all the energy. Transducing -stepping down the energy.


It is vital that when you come to recognize yourself as an Empath, and then let yourselves fully understand this element of your being. It is an element which is akin to having a health condition. Like the diabetic who must watch certain dietary things, who must manage medication in a very concentrated and focused manner, if one goes off balance with these things, one can throw the Self into crisis.


We feel, it is very vital for each of you to begin very consciously addressing the energetic flow in your lives. You learn to work with the Empath energy by first, recognizing it and then consciously addressing and questioning it. Each of you must be very conscious now of focusing on when you need to be open, when it is time to be closed. "When is this my energy?" "When am I working as an Empath?" "If I am working as an Empath, it is energy if this feeling is not of mine, what am I to do with it." You can ask. "Can I have clarity as to what this energy is? Is this energy to be translated? Is this energy to be transmuted? Is this energy to be transduced - stepped down and then translated?" Follow your own awareness of your empathic nature with letting yourself discover and then applying for yourself -- evolving, your own techniques and structures; your own way of managing your Empath energy.



The Empath also must come to understand that they must set up structures for the body to work most effectively and in balance. When you live in an unstructured ,totally Empathic state, you overwhelm the body and eventually "short-circuit". In a way, the physical body's limitations or, rather, requirements, [which are limited compared to what the energy or spirit of the Empath can do], in a way save you by short-circuiting and therefore, closing the situation. Thus, your physical body has saved some of you from being enamored of intensity and basing too many actions on energy that may not be balanced.


In light of all this, you can see some of your choices and actions, perhaps more so reactions, were the outgrowth of unconscious Empathic connection: connecting into other people's' needs; connecting into needs from other times of yourself, etc. The greatest challenge for the mature Empath is discernment and differentiation.


We see in the Empath the struggle for balance. Often there are periods of excess and then a rebalance. Many of you have gone through your own periods of excess. Now you are going to come into your own period of more conscious honing of these abilities. That is part of your job, your discoveries.


In this discussion of the nature of the Empath, we are setting forth some principles and, in a way, activating your own knowledge of these things. Then because you have this perspective, you will start to see and comprehend your own actions, and how energy comes to you and you will find the mechanisms, devices, the structures that will help you work with your selves. 

The Orion material is excerpted and edited from personal sessions and workshops, with permission of the participants  © Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh

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