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Orion On Managing Your Receptivity

Client:  At times I wake up seeing/feeling someone in my room, or lying down next to me. It's happened a few times in the past week. Once it felt as if something was coming toward me and I held my hands out to keep it away. Another time energy was coming towards me and the last time I felt it next to me when I was lying down. In your experience are those specific people's energies or is it just some kind of other concentrated energy?

I wake up feeling very strange afterward, but can't tell how to address this.



The first thing is to not let your receptivity frighten you.  Instead, consider that you can simply energetically 'hear' and 'see' what others cannot.  You can pick up  energetic sounds others do not.  You are not alone in this.  And although such perception is not usual for many, such receptivity is in the realm of typical.  Knowing that, and holding that model,  you can then more easily open to  manage the experience. 


Receptive people are not required by the Cosmos to receive whatever comes to them.  You have the innate right to say, 'No.  No not now.' and so on,  at any time.  We stress this because we see that, unconsciously, many receptive people feel they must 'listen' and receive.  And not only do you have the 'right' to say No, you also have the responsibility to yourself to not be receptive on demand and to modulate and manage your receptivity. 


The simplest tool we suggest is to say, 'I am closed to this energy.'  And then just mentally, emotionally, energetically close the door; not answer the phone, as it were.  If it makes you uncomfortable to just 'not answer,' you can modulate your receptivity and your response to it.  You can say, 'I don't want to feel this energy right now, but if there is something I need to know, I'm willing to receive a message.'  If it's the middle of the night, you can go further and say, 'I don't want to feel this energy now, but I'm willing to receive a message in the morning.'  The 'message' will usually occur with you having a sense of something.  Often, it will occur when you wake up and you'll 'know' what the receiving was about.  As you can see, your dialogue can create the format that you receive in. Be assured that your inner awareness would be attuned to any sensing that truly needs to recognized in the moment, but for the most part, especially when receptivity is vague or unclear, your receptivity can work within these boundaries.


Further, we suggest you do a 'dialog' with yourself about your receptive capacities in order to create a model that will work better for you.   Write down, in a free-association way, all the fears you have about this capacity.  Just let them come to you.  Then write down what you need for this receptivity to work best for you, such as,

'I don't want to feel things physically.  I don't want this to come at night.  I don't want to not be able to sleep. 

I want a clearer message.  I don't want energies just hanging around with me.',  etc etc.  Let your thoughts flow from your inner places and write them all down.  Through this process you  are revealing to yourself your fears, concerns and needs.  From that you can then create your own model of working with receptivity - setting the parameters of how you will 'work'. 


In this specific case you share, we feel someone close is unconsciously reaching out to you.  This person is trying to keep distance or is keeping distance from you in the mundane world, but energetically is moving toward you.  The person might not think they are 'energetic' or able to make such connections. In fact, they may want to deny such an idea, but they are actually receptive and sensitive.  Thus, their energy moves toward someone who can truly 'see' them.  Alas, many people are afraid to be actually 'seen'; rather they want to have people only see what they present.  Considering this, you can add this example to question future experiences, as in, 'Hmm, is this feeling I have someone I know unconsciously reaching toward me?'  We call this kind of learning building your own history of awareness.


Our experience is that most receptives do not like the idea of having to consciously manage their energies, but being overwhelmed by receptivity is in itself out of balance.  You will also find you need to consciously re-enforce your models after a time, remind yourself to be closed or open in specific ways.  The underlying capacity to receive is a prominent part of your nature and typically will emerge again when you have some reception when you weren't aware of it.  Take this movement simply as a reminder to once again, engage your model with your conscious intent.  We create many such routines in life that we 'forget' and then have to put in place again.  It's natural and simply part of the ebb and flow that is the movement of life.  Let attention to your receptivity be a tool that supports being at ease with yourself and your receptive nature.

The Orion material is excerpted and edited from personal sessions and workshops, with permission of the participants   © Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh

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