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Orion On Paradox In Current Events -
    Anodynes & Explanations

Much is happening in the world.  Difficulties, challenges, disasters.  If you were to review history, you would see variations on the present themes in all eras and ages.  Each situation asks much of individuals, cultures, nations and the world.  Each adds its element to the shape of the future and movements of life.

And in each era, explanations, considerations, inquiry are explored. In each era, prophecies emerge, anodynes and solutions are offered, interpretations abound, truths are revealed, revelations which are not true are offered as such and the great dance of that which is known and that which is not known continues. 

Remembering the long view may support us in balancing our responses and reactions in the present view.  Our talk in the excerpt from a personal session, explores how to balance and cope with what is not known and emphasizes keeping in the forefront the very idea that one may not know nor come to fully know. 

As you find yourself responding to all the challenges of your personal world and those that arise in society and culture, in nature and more, explore the ideas and considerations that support you, make sense to you, feel aligned to you.  In that, remember to pause and consider as well and as strongly, 'Is this the whole truth?  Is this all to be seen?  Is there more for me to know?' 

Make your choices informed by not only what you are understand now, but considering  would your choice be the same one if some or all of what you are being informed by turned out to be different or inaccurate or changing or out of fullest context and so on.

Our reminder is to bring the fullest view to mind, the fullest consideration, before you act or react.  And if you find you are caught in reaction to the news, the warning, the caution, you can also use the principle of the fullest consideration to rebalance, reconsider, revaluate and see what action is asked of you in the next moment, that moment that follows such review.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by offers of perspective, including such as ours.  Remember to acknowledge that as well and give yourself time to sit with what information, opinion, guidance may come to you.  In allowing, information may coalesce into an integrated, balanced option in a way you could not at first have seen.  'Considering' gives space for your own discovery of wisdom to come present.               


Come to know yourself in a new way.  An ancient axiom and a present one.  Befriend yourself – be your own supportive one, the clear-seeing one, the acknowledger for yourself . This is truly a life-long relationship that will grow and change, and always reconnect from the moments of loss and separation.      




                                                                                 Featured in Expansion - the Orion Wisdom newsletter September 2011




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