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July 2021   About my sister, Jacqui Rose


Solstice 2020  On Hope

Orion shares thoughts on Hope as the light returns and the new year is arriving.

Spring 2020    On These Challenging Times - 2020 -C19​

Orion shares with us thoughts about this moment with the Coronavirus impacting our lives.

Fall/Winter 2018  On Balance, Rebalance, Recharge

Recognizing when we are out of balance and points us toward ways to understand it and find balance once again.


Spring/Summer 2018   On the Core Map

Exploring the concept of the core wounding; those early hurts we carry, and finding ways to update our inner map.


Fall 2017   On Not Fooling Yourself - Ideals and Actuality

Reminding us to look at the full picture, when our ideals may lead us to not see clearly the actuality that is present.


Spring 2017      On Worrying

A client shares her concern about late-night worrying and feeling out of balance.


Fall 2016  Empathy in A Challenging World & Election 2016
A client shares her discomfort for needing to be guarded but situations require her to do so.  And Orion comments on the 2016 Presidential election and what if reflects about Unity and the Interconnection of All Things.

Spring 2016   Boundaries & Limits 

​A client shares a distressing dream that opens the conversation to finding balance with boundaries and limits.


Fall 2015   Dying, Living and Other

A client shares their near-death experience, surviving and her continuing fear of death.


Spring 2015  Releasing the Outcome
Exploring how letting go of our conscious intent can bring us to fresh options

Fall 2014  Empath Receiving and Balancing focuses on learning discernment and boundaries and Finding Your Own Relationship Model  explores clarity about relating

Spring 2014   Empath Connection When it is Not Reciprocal 

How to recognize it and cope with it.


Fall 2013     Expanding Our Winnowing  

Touches on our innate conceptualization and  'narrative-making'  qualities and how sometimes, these very useful aspects, can also winnow our experience. 


Spring 2013  The World Is More Complex plus On Fluidity

 On coping with feeling overwhelmed by everyday life.

Fall 2012    Exploring Models Again 

Examining the inner, and often unconscious, models we carry that frame our experiences

Spring 2012   Trusting Life and Respecting Your Qualities
​Explores trusting life, living in the flow, and in that, respecting our own capacities that we may take for granted.
Fall 2011  Exploring the Shadow  On working with hidden inner aspects, what some call, 'shadow work'.

Spring 2011   Anodynes and Explanations plus Seeing Truly In Relationship      A commentary about current events and looking at how we must deal with other people just as they are; seeing truly in relationship, and the we encounter.  


Winter 2010    Don't Fool Yourself plus Connecting to Unity Through Dis-connection  

Examining the strength that arises when we look at things clearly and the support we can find through challenge.


Spring 2010    Doing, Being and Difference 
Understanding the roots of old patterns, our differences in responding to the world and allowing opening to new choices
Winter 2009   Year Ending/Year Beginning plus Change and Resistance to Change        

Contemplating the Year End/Year Beginning and examining our resistance to change and how to find our way through to new movement. 


Fall 2009   Honoring & Accepting & Rebalancing-Recharging   A special support for health challenges.

.Spring 2009    The Grand Collective     
Exploring ourselves as part of the Grand Collective and how to find balance in challenging times.

Winter 2008  Evolving Unity Consciousness      

How current events point toward the evolution of our recognition of Unit consciousness, and the paradox within change.

Summer 2008 Saying No, 'Tech' Empaths & Where Is Humanity Heading  Responses to a variety questions from personal sessions.

Spring 2008   Befriending Yourself   

Discover new attitudes and approaches to deepening your connection and friendship with your deepest self.


Fall 2007   100 Years of Being   Exploring our experience of connection with loved ones who have passed on.


December 2006   Thoughts On A New Year 
Considerations for looking at a new year and beyond.


August 2006   Life as Exploration       Excerpted from a personal session, Orion responds to questions on life's journey.


April 2006     Questions, Synchronicity & Paradox    
Questioning our models, and examining synchronicity and paradox in our lives. 

December 2005     A Parable of Mastery     

A beautiful journey shared by Orion at the close of a workshop, an evocative piece, holding ideas of Unity. 


July 2005     Myths In Parent-Child Relationships  
How unknown qualities impact our understanding of ourselves and our parents and how different eras impact our perceptions. 


March 2005     Our Sense of Purpose 

Examines our ideas of purpose and intrinsic meaning, reminding us that we are Caretakers of the flow of Presence.


November 2004     Remembering Unity & Paradox  

Orion reminds us of the paradoxical nature of true reality and how we can still find Unity within it.


July 2004     Change and Friendship

Explores the feelings of separation and dissonance that can arise as we grow and how we can find new ways of relating. 


April 2004   Dancing With Paradox

Examines the dance of finding ourselves in two places at once about a situation, seeing paradox as one of the key challenges we must come to peace with to live fully in the reality of our lives.





When you share, remember

​you are always 

speaking to and for each other

and that is a gift

of interconnection.'






'We encourage elements of

consideration and exploration. 

We encourage the idea that there

can be more to understanding,

to knowledge, than that

which is readily perceived.'